Why Twitter is Killing the Corporate Meeting

on Monday, January 16, 2012

Like many people I know, I originally joined Twitter as a curiosity. What was creating the buzz? Why did anyone care "What are you doing?", especially strangers or people outside of my immediate circle of friends. Over the last four years, I come to understand the power of Twitter as a new digital medium, an immediate social community and a massive source of constantly changing knowledge, opinions and discussions.

But over the last 3-6 months, I've noticed something else. I work for a large company (current job & previous job) and the role involves a number of daily meetings with a mix of people that are active or non-existant on social media.

  • On Twitter, I can choose which people I want to listen to and which people I want to learn from.
  • In corporate meetings, I'm forced to listen to all conversations if I choose to participate/attend.
  • On Twitter, I can quickly get feedback (RTs, Blog Stats, followers) about a new idea or piece of content.
  • In corporate meetings, it's often weeks before feedback is received.
  • On Twitter, good ideas can be quickly amplified and spread to multiple communities
  • In corporate meetings, it often takes numerous repetitive meetings to reiterate a new concept.
  • On Twitter, value is often created by how much you give back to the community.
  • In corporate meetings, people often believe their value-add comes from how much of a fiefdom they can create.
  • On Twitter, participants understand the give and take nature of the communications and communities.
  • In corporate meetings, the audience is often mixed (users & non-users) and may not understand how social media communications can impact business environments.
I've found that Twitter has become the tool that I derive the most value from these days in terms of communications and knowledge gathering. It's becoming an interesting context-switch back to corporate meetings. Anyone else seeing this challenge?

Cloud Computing Whiteboard Videos

on Sunday, January 1, 2012

During our year-end show for The Cloudcast (.net), my co-host Aaron Delp suggested that we should enhance the podcast by adding more whiteboard videos. I completely agree with him. Far too often, our discussions get overly technical and it can be difficult to convey certain concepts without a visual element. So over the holiday break, I did a brain dump of a bunch of Cloud Computing whiteboard discussions. They are posted on our The Cloudcast (.net) - YouTube Channel.

These will be the first of many videos that we'll post on this channel throughout the year. Just as we do on the podcast, I tried to keep these discussions as vendor neutral as possible; instead focusing on the key technology or business aspects of each session. [Feel free to distribute these videos if you find them useful.]

The first batch of videos includes:
One of the things we'll encourage our guests on The Cloudcast to do this year is make a short whiteboard video on a topic that we highlight on that week's show.